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Without question, the sustainability of any successful company is repeat business, client relationships and referrals. That's why TSE  maintains the strictest standards of compliance on every project.





So what about safety? At TSE, we believe the only successful project is an accident free project, which is why we exceed industry safety standards again and again. In fact, TSE has adopted MSHA and OSHA standards which are considered the safest our country.





We practice a zero-tolerance drug policy, we implement initial and continuing employee training, and we deploy random drug testing monthly. The result is a markedly safer work enviroment and a consistent reputation for staying on schedule and within budget.





And speaking of budget, TSE strives to hold the line on costs even as building expenses continue to rise. We accomplish this through increased efficiency, effective project supervision, superior quality, and the latest technology.





We also employ a local labor force. By doing so, we can mobilize and demobilize equipment quickly. And being a truly independent company enables us to purchase materials from all suppliers—ensuring our objectivity in obtaining the best products at the best prices for your projects.





Finally, we keep you informed about costs and work progress throughout the duration of the project. The same project manager executes the project from start to finish, and provides schedules each day. You will also hear a lot about costs with TSE, as we believe in showing our client a clear view of our expenses. With TSE, you'll also hear a lot communication.


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